Designing a Modern Heirloom

Studio RODA was approached to design the interior of a family’s newly acquired Miami Beach apartment. Tasked with the creation of a unique, contemporary rug as part of the project, they turned to their trusted collaborator Odabashian who invited Miami-based artist Johanna Boccardo to join the project. As a team Studio RODA, Odabashian and Boccardo decided that involving the clients directly in the design process would result in a truly original and unforeseen rug, one that the family would also have an immediate attachment to – a modern heirloom. Boccardo set up an intervention at Odabashian’s headquarters where the clients were asked to freely express themselves on a blank canvas using paint and inks. Guided by the design team the family created an abstract artwork that was recolored by Studio RODA to fit the palette of the interior. The final design was then translated into a 100% premium pure silk rug with a very subtle gradient in the color ombre, produced by Odabashian in India with 100-line traditional Tibetan knot technique.